Why I Love Lifestyle Newborn…

With everything in boxes for my move to Suffolk (I’ll be posting another blog post later this week all about it), when this gorgeous Momma contacted me for newborn photos of her brand new baby boy I told her I would be unable to do studio. I did give her the option to do something with more of a photojournalistic take on what it’s really like at home those first few days.L1001208L1001214blog

Documentary photographs is what the Leica camera was built for so when she agreed, I was ecstatic. Not only to have these beautiful people in front of my camera, but to be able to capture them in such a genuine way.L1001343blogL1001231blogbbleoblog

Granted, I gave some minimal directions putting these in the “Lifestyle” category…there were still plenty of shots where I didn’t give any direction at all. As much I love those sweet snuggly studio shots, these are by far my favorite kind to shoot. L1001305blogLast but least, I have to mention this family could seriously rock the cover of a magazine and as a photographer I couldn’t have asked for better natural light coming in for this family’s in-home session. L1001256blogL1001387blogL1001273

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