Where’s the Beef?

Where’s the Beef? At The Butcher’s Son of course. Chesapeake has been a wonderful place for local eateries to thrive. They’ve been missing a great steak restaurant that isn’t one of those chain gimmicks with the forced waitstaff square dance and at last it has arrived. I had the great opportunity to do some food photography for this restaurant and boy did I drool the entire shoot.


When you first walk into the restaurant, you’re in awe of the perfectly timeless atmosphere. It’s pure, classic and the right amount of RITZ! The owner even brought in a lighting specialist to make sure that the food (and even you, when you’ve spent an hour on your hair and makeup you deserve to be properly lit, right?? ;)) looks it’s best when it’s brought out. Let’s face it though, this food doesn’t need any help looking absolutely delicious. If you aren’t hungry now, you will be before you scrolled to the end of this post. L1003037L1003012L1003005L1003088L1003106L1003122

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