The Moving Flurry

Let’s start this blog post with the news I AM WALKING AGAIN! Some things (like climbing over baby gates) are painful, but I’m able to walk around without pins and needles shooting through my foot. The Doc gave me an “OK” to start putting weight on my foot “gradually” last Friday. I kinda skipped the gradual part and went full speed ahead and I am happy to say (and thankful) that  I was able to walk (with a limp) that first day without any reprocussions.  Considering my precious cargo, I’ve been waiting to attempt to drive again but I think I will tomorrow. THREE WEEKS, I had my accessory navicular bone removed and healed enough to walk in three weeks, three weeks sooner than planned. The body’s natural healing process and prayer are miraculous and magical things because after one week of watching Sadie on crutches without any help I was already going a little stir crazy.

At last I don’t have any deadlines to race to, as I start easing back into normal life. We had two weeks to get completely unpacked from our move and the house functional and clean enough to maneuver on crutches. In that two weeks while we were moving into our new place, I shot two beautiful families and had two commercial shoots for The Butcher’s Son. I can’t share the family shots yet, as some prints will be Christmas gifts and some photos have to premiere on the family businesses website but I’ll be sharing those soon enough. I can however give you all a thorough peek at the shoot I did for The Butcher’s Son. The first batch I’m posting will be the marketing photos and the photos they will be hanging on the walls of the restaurant. I knew this shoot would be a blast when I received an email from the owner, Brian Radford, saying that he envisioned that the photos should capture the time era he wanted the customer to transport to when they walk through the doors. He hired Hair Designs by Mags and rented costumes from Echoes of Time. We met after the restaurant closed and began to shoot late one Sunday evening. Here are the results…

Next post will showcase some of the food photography that took place on a separate date. 



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