Sweet Snuggly Daniella

Those little squeaks of delight. That is my absolute favorite part of newborn shoots. Usually studio newborn shoots require lots of work and getting a little dirty. Between hauling those props inside to sweating next to the heater that keeps them oh so squishy and sleepy to the back pain you get the days afterwards from the 100 squats you did while trying to get that perfect angle. The instant gratification comes when you release the shutter to capture that oh so stinkin’ CUTE brand spankin’ new baby!

L1000659blog I used to let the parents do the shushing in between/before the shoots…but since Sadie is growing up so fast I have to admit I’ve become quite the baby hog. (Tired, sleep deprived parents usually don’t mind getting a few minutes to catch up on a meal!) We didn’t have to do very much, if any shushing with sweet baby Daniella. Seriously, I swaddled her, snuggled her for maybe 60 seconds…and she was out. For TWO WHOLE HOURS!! Seriously, I took off and put back on her diaper two times…swaddled and unswaddled, switched head bands, blankets…and she didn’t wake up the entire time. Oh and catch this. Never have I ever shot a baby that didn’t pee, poop or spit up on my props..but not Miss Prissy Daniella. She didn’t have a single accident!


How can you not fall in love with those pouty lips, perfect nose and those little teeny tiny toes!! 


She already has more hair than my own baby does at 10 months….and catch this, Mom said she didn’t have any heartburn during her pregnancy. So here’s to debunking that myth…



She only decided to wake up at the end for about 30 minutes, long enough to get some shots with Dad! L1000880blog

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