Starting the Conversation

I want to have a conversation with my followers about what it is that I do and who it is that I am. Although that may be only a few now, I’ve decided to go the route of blogging for the sake of having a concrete copy of my journey in life. Learning how to run a business and find a way to balance professional photography, motherhood and my “put on pause” wanderlust.

It’s only been a little over a year since The Cup of Sunshine LLC broke ground. The process of turning my favorite past-time (more like all-the-time) into a profession, especially something that takes some time build up the kind of clientele…it seemed like the perfect time to start was while I was pregnant with my daughter. In my naive mind, I thought “Oh, I’ll have plenty of free time when my daughter is born to invest into my new business”. The metaphorical bus hit me September 22nd, 2014 with the early arrival of my sweet baby girl. Nothing they tell you beforehand can prepare you for the way your life changes with their first breath. That “free time” I thought would be plentiful, was no where to be found. When I was lucky enough to find a sliver of time for myself, it was often spent eating something while it was still hot. (A luxury for a nursing mother.)


During the hiatus of redefining myself to include this new parenting roll, I still found enough energy to document those first moments for my daughter. Maybe I wasn’t as creative as I would have liked running off a few hours of sleep every night, but I still captured something that I will treasure forever in those blurry first few months. My daughter is now a whopping nine months. I’m finally getting the hang of the speed shower and utilizing the new power hour called “nap time”. My burning passion for my art has returned with gumption, bringing me out of the dark ages of a first time parent.


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