While I Was Sleeping….

Last night, the love of my life came home after a twelve hour shift to a crying worn out me and sent me to bed early. He brought Sadie too me in PJs and as I snuggled her close. He came and held onto me. Sometimes you just need held and told that this is just a phase in life and this too shall pass. The snuggling was short lived as Sadie poked me in the eye with her razor claws and my head reeled back as a reaction and bent his glasses. So I’m writing this today as a Popeye stunt double. At least I still have my sense of humor, right…….

So every time I have some surgery (okay okay, the two times….this Kinder Procedure on my foot and childbirth which isn’t really surgery but it requires recovery) I come up with this fantastic plan on how I’ll utilize the down time. You know, revamp the website. Read some books. Write a bunch of blog posts. Or you know, pick up a new language. Yeah, this joke is on me. I would be lying if I said I achieved anything besides watching an entire series (or three) on Hulu and sleeping 18 hours out of the day. I didn’t even finish the parenting magazine on my nightstand. In my defense, the first pain medicine I was prescribed made me sick and reading made it worse….it made me feel like I was reading in a hot car in DC traffic. Regardless of my lack of productivity for the past two weeks, I did get the chance to savor how wonderful my fiancé is and how wonderful our families are.

He took such wonderful care of Sadie. Her outfits might not have matched everyday, but she was screaming her shrill little laughs so loud I could hear them from upstairs. She was happy, fed and bathed everyday. All a mother could ask for! He also tended to me when I was a little grumpy (pain and nauseousness was not a fun combination) and even made me chicken noodle soup when we had a fridge full of already prepared food. Speaking of prepared food, I tried my best to fill my fridge with enough meals to keep us fed the first week. My in-laws-to-be and my mom took care of the second week! I haven’t had to cook in two weeks and that’s pretty magical.

I finally woke up from my healing slumber and am back to the real world. My fiancé returned to work yesterday and I’m tending to Sadie on my own. Luckily, I have this knee cart scooter and having one working foot isn’t so bad. The reality is, this chest cold we’ve been passing around is the part that is making chasing around Sadie pretty hard. Seriously, her energy is endless…thank God for baby gates and a large living room filled with toys and books. I don’t know how many times I’ve read about Disney princesses with a frog in my throat, but my little angel (terror seems more fitting half the time, kidding but not really) doesn’t seem to mind my voice. She thinks I’m growling, so she practices her lioness roar back and brings a smile to my puffy stuffy face.

Praying to have this cold behind us soon and in five short days I’ll be slowly putting weight back on my foot. Which is the best possible news of this whole ordeal. We were originally planning on a recovery of 6-7 weeks but now it’s looking like 4 weeks which is wonderful considering that I was planning on almost another whole month of not being able to walk or heck drive!! This stir crazy baby of mine will be loving getting back out in the world again and I will be happy to take her. An answer to prayer that I’ll try and revel in as I battle the rest of this cold with lots of water and vegetables.

Hoping I’ll be able to take Sadie out on a adventure to take some late Christmas photos….I’ll at least be in time for the New Year!  And since a blog post isn’t complete wihtout photos here are a few throwbacks from warmer days of my darling that haven’t made it to the interwebs yet….

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