My Story

Fancy meeting you here. I suppose you’re here to get the SparkNotes version of Aimee, aka the only-sometimes “cup of sunshine”, so I’ll try and keep it short and simple. (Yeah right.) Who am I, you ask? A quirky gal with a knack for being awkward and telling cheesy one liners but over the years I’ve been told it’s endearing. Which is a southerner’s way of telling you “you’re weird in an OK, not creepy way”.

A little bit obsessed with trying  food from every corner of the world, but also fascinated by the differences in cuisines just throughout the U.S.A. I’ve traveled the country extensively (48 states, Hawaii and Alaska are last on the list) and real, “good for the soul” local food was a way for me to relate with every community I passed through.

After a few quiet years following the birth of our daughter, my husband and I finally decided one day that there was nothing holding our family back from moving away to somewhere that would grant us a more fulfilling lifestyle. Three months later, we were filling a moving truck that was headed north to one of the most painstakingly beautiful places in the country. So here we are in the lovely state of Maine tackling adulthood, kicking butt at parenthood (only on Mondays really) and finding our way in this new land we now call Home.  It’s easy to belong on a trail here, anywhere on the water in a kayak or bunkered into a primative camp with a bucket of DEET, my family of three,  jerky and our better behaved off-leash than on-leash dogs.

 With me liking coniferous trees and fresh air more than your average person, crowded places easily make me nervous. I soak in a lot of what others are feeling and sometimes that can be a little too much to handle. However, I believe this deep connection with the emotional well being of others helps me to better understand humankind.  To have some way of predicting and preparing to capture that magical moment before or as it’s happening. As a photographer, being a few steps ahead gives me the greatest potential to capture that shot I used to kick myself for not catching it in time.

I’ve poured a few thousand hours into learning my craft inside out (I wish I was kidding, but I think about photography even more than I think about food and that’s saying something), constantly learning how to capture those in-between moments and emotions we forget so often to treasure. Over the years, I’ve been figuring out my style, my creative voice and most importantly what drives me to this calling in life. It’s people like you. Your story. Your love story. Your kid’s story. Your small business’ story.

I am a storyteller and the camera is my pen.