Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

We had the opportunity to stay in Sandbridge for a week which was basically a staycation for us. My goal was to not leave the area at all and just enjoy our time there. I achieved my goal and I’m glad because I needed the chance to recharge. Although I did have some work to do (editing, emailing, planning….it’s never ending)  most of the time we were there was spent taking it easy(ish). L1009322blog

When it comes to “taking it easy” and vacationing, sleep wasn’t a part of that equation. I’m the proud mother of one of those wonderful human beings that will not sleep through the night. At 10 months, that makes her one of the very special 20% that need lots of extra lovins at 10 pm, 1am, 3am….sometimes more. In some weird way I think it’s my own dose of karma. From Thanksgiving until New Years she slept 10-12 hours a night. So of course when family/friends at the holiday parties would ask “how is she sleeping?” expecting me to answer with some dramatic war stories… I would answer almost smugly “oh she’s sleeping through the night completely.” Proud, almost as if it was something I did, even though it was honestly pure luck. Easy come, easy go. January 2nd was the last night of a complete night’s sleep. Ever since I’ve been running off anywhere between 3-6 hours of broken sleep every night…which is enough to make a person go crazy. Luckily coffee tricks me into thinking I still have each and every marble still rolling around upstairs….then by the end of the day I am sure I’ve lost a few.

Tuesday morning was no different, Sadie was wide awake and ready to go at 4AM. The only factor that was a little bit off was my rush of energy after having 4 hours of broken sleep. No coffee, just this urge to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Sure, I had seen it out of the window in the horizon every day that week….I just hadn’t had the desire to get out of pajamas that early let alone carry a baby down a sandy path. It was our last morning before we left to go back home so I just decided to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, get dressed, pack up my camera gear, strap baby into the ergo and head out the door at 5:30.L1009240blog

Sadie was mesmerized by the beautiful colors of the sky and the cool dewy sand. I just watched my daughter ohhh and aahhhh and geeeeeh, pointing, laughing….throwing the sand. As a mother, you have several of these moments where you just fall deeper and deeper in love with the little human being that once grew inside of you. Yeah, she doesn’t sleep through the night. Yeah, she wakes up before the sun…but hey, maybe it’s because she’s meant to see a few more sunrises than her peers. God blessed me with this perfect daughter and there must be a very good reason that this is our lot in life right now.L1009247blogL1009254blogL1009291blog

The walk home from the beach covered in wet sand, I could feel myself viewing the early morning a little different. A little more like I did pre-baby. Instead of thinking about sleep or complaining about the lack thereof….I just saw the beauty in that first hour of sunlight. L1009318blog


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