Luxe Elopements by Jill

I don’t know why lately, but the past month or so I’ve had some great run ins with other boss ladies running their own businesses. I think God knows I need the encouragement and inspiration or something, whatever the reason, it’s been such an eye opener about what is possible if you work hard at what you love. Not long ago I was contacted by Jillian to be hired for a headshot/buisness branding session for her new business Luxe Elopements.

L1006845blog She recently was eloped herself and found out first hand that there isn’t any local businesses offering custom elopement planning/packages. Sure, you can get the run of the mill package for the courthouse or beach hotel…but nothing that is picturesque, memorable, well thought out and personal. So voila! An idea was drafted and a small business was born. She wants to offer others what wasn’t available to her during her search. Because lets face it, we all aren’t pintrest divas…most don’t even know where to start when planning the perfect day to wed. That’s where Jill’s expertise comes in….


In this economy and the price of “designer” weddings sky rocketing, lots of people are getting eloped. Just because you don’t want something big with a thousand people, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the day you’ve always dreamt of. Luxe Elopement is there to create a designer wedding feel, in a smaller package to be enjoyed by just you and the love of your life. Jillian is perfect for the job because of her attention to detail, passion for beauty and quality. Not to mention, she’s totally one of those people who knows no stranger….she has the most infectious smile and warm personality. If you’re in the wedding planning stage and you’re pulling your hair out looking at how much it’s going to cost to feed 200 people, it’s definitely worth it to see what she has to offer you.


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