Julia & Jordan’s Wedding

After looking at my last post, it’s been months (several) since I last wrote a blog post, so excuse me if I’m a little rusty. 😉 Making a big return with a wedding that was very close to home, the union of my brother and my new sister-in-law. They met at Camp Hope Haven years ago, volunteering and after a while they reconnected…and here we are now! Hitched and happy. Two months later, all is well in newly-wed world. Even through little mishaps (you know the fun ones, like car troubles),  Jordan has told me “you know, we’ve become a praying-couple…” and that indeed is the best kind of couple.

Now what you’ve been waiting for. A nice slice of photographs from the wedding. We shall start with the bridal photos, captured two weeks before the vows were exchanged in Richmond, Va. We rented a beautiful home with tall ceilings and windows galore and don’t even get me started on the antique decor. Perfect fit for such a timeless bride. l1001005blogl1000995blogl1000997blog
l1001048blogHow glorious it was to have a sneak peek of this flawless bride in her dress.

Fast forward two weeks later, and we start the big day. I thought it was funny comparing these two shots first capture of both locations. They’re obviously two peas in a pod.

l1001575blogl1001593blogThe bridal party had a blast getting ready, they even had a ukulele for their sing-alongs.

dad_5463blogl1001637blogl1001709blogl1001710blogl1001750blogl1001755blogl1001741blogAs did the guys. What goofs.


l1001807blog And to the ceremony….I’ll save those iconic kissing the bride photos for the couple to see in their album but here are some peeks! l1001859blogl1001861blog

dad_6054blogdad_6016blogl1001897blogl1001885blogCongratulations, you two. May the years to come bring abundant blessings.

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