In with the New

I’ll start with a little background of my personal life . My little family has been dying to buy a house for months now. With the news of my Fiancé (yes, we are now engaged…YAY!) possibly being relocated to another state/country in the next few years, it has left us hesitant to buy a house only to have to sell it in year or two. That is why we started looking for a new alternative. We ended up deciding on a gorgeous spot in Downtown Suffolk. The building has been around since the 1920’s (SWOON) and was recently renovated into luxury lofts/condos (hey, all I wanted was a dishwasher, looks like we got lucky with the works…). T minus 10 days for the big move and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With my foot surgery scheduled for next month, this will give me plenty of time to stock the freezer for prepped meals and baby proof everything so well I can breath easy about having to chase after her with crutches.L1009555blog

As I do more research about the Downtown Suffolk area, I’m excited to be apart of such an important time for that quaint area bustling at the seams with new life. We will have parks, shops, restaurants galore and hopefully a church we fall in love with all close enough to home that we can walk! They have fun family friendly festivals often it seems and free summer concerts every weekend. We will even be able to see fireworks on 4th of July over the harbor from our rooftop deck. I’m praying that with this move,  that this change of scenery will be what is best for my family and my business.L1009246blogSpeaking of my business, the good news doesn’t stop with just the move….I just found out yesterday that some of my food photography for the best butcher in Ghent, Norfolk Pendulum, will be published in the Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Restaurant Guide. Granted, I’ve left my ambitions for commercial food photography in the past with a few exceptions, it’s still a honor to be able to say that I am now a published photographer in a magazine that is a big deal for this area. I hope one day I can get the work I take most joy in, Child Portraiture, published in a even larger scale magazine. A girl can hope, right??L1000939blog

With all that is going on right now, I’m just scrambling to get everything I can get done before I’m off my feet for a month. Here are a few things that will be taking place with The Cup of Sunshine in the upcoming months. When I am recovering from surgery in bed (my Fiance will be taking off two weeks to take over the “Mom” duties that I will be unable to physically incapable of performing), I will be busy on my laptop.  My business will be going through an extreme makeover. My website will be revamped to mainly focus on what I hope to be my specialty, Child Portraiture and select Family Portraits. There is also a major collaboration project in the works with the talented author/blogger, Sarahlynne Davis. I will be starting a photo series/offering a new portrait package with fun creative ideas that I’ve taken from her book called Making Kid Time Count for Ages 0-3!

Here’s to that cliche saying ” out with the old, in with the new” and new frontiers. What is to come, who knows but I’ll be relentlessly praying for the best.




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