The Year We Skipped Easter Dinner

I will be the first to tell you, Easter is my favorite holiday. I love celebrating the resurrection and eternal life of Jesus. That warm family gathering we have year after year, the day we share many treasured traditions. More specifically, the traditions I love the most is that scrumptious Easter ham that my Grandma spends hours preparing and those cute cheesy portraits with the Easter bunny. (That ham is the reason I quit being a vegetarian years ago…and I’m so glad, because I’m a carnivore at heart.)

This year, we had to skip joining our family at Grandma’s because we have been down with the flu and some other horrible bug for the past three weeks. That also meant, no pictures with the Easter Bunny. I have been tending to Garrett and Sadie and was lucky enough to be healthy…until two days before Easter. After being worn down from tending to a sleepless sick child and a loving but cranky sick Fiance, that bug finally took me down too. Yesterday morning, I cried my eyes out at the thought that my family wouldn’t be able to attend the festivities. I felt bad and guilty and tried to get Garrett to go without me. He refused and said we’d spend the day together. We did just that. I am so lucky and thankful for him and his reminder that this day is about Jesus and not some silly ham or oversized bunny at the mall. He picked us up some Cracker Barrel to-go and we all enjoyed it in our cozy living room.

We don’t have any of those iconic Easter bunny pictures for Sadie’s scrap book this year…but I was able to get a few of her in her new room with her sweet bunny. I love these so much that I think this will be the new tradition. Save us the time in those long lines, I would rather have these tender moments of her loving on her stuffed animal in her natural comfort zone.


PS. Don’t you just love her new room! She started climbing out of her crib, so the toddler bed was a must. We just weaned from breast-feeding at 18months so this was our little parting-gift from the co-sleeping days. Now she’s got a big girl bed in her big girl room, wish us luck as we try to encourage her to sleep through the night in her own room. 😉

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