Commitment to Growth

When many business owners bring in the New Year they set goals to gain wealth, more followers on social media, or a certain number of new customers. As nice as those things are, that’s not where my heart is this Monday morning. I see how my work has changed throughout the past 4 years. The switch from shooting with a mid-level beginner automatic Nikon to a completely manual professional level the Leica M bringing the largest shift. Firmly believing that it’s not the hammer but the carpenter, but this hammer makes you stop and think. There are no shots that happen by accident. Which honestly, many of my best shots in the early years where lucky breaks, now they are all intentional. There was also a huge change of heart around the same time of the switch. There was a reason, a sweet bundle of joy, that I truly wanted to succeed in my change of careers.

However, somewhere around that time, I stopped taking on as many personal projects. I know, when you’re busy taking care of a helpless human being and sleep is limited to a few hours at night….it’s hard to think about “working for free”. I never lost my passion or stopped trying to learn, I just had to put some of that on hold. I think 2016 will be the perfect time to pick up more projects…to create awe inspiring images that make you feel something. That’s all I ever really could hope for my photographs to achieve. I don’t care if they’re published or if they have 100,000 likes….I just want someone somewhere to look at them and feel. In a world of sensory overload, we often look at technically perfect images and are numb. I don’t ever what to be in business to just make money or for fame. I started creating pictures to be “The Cup of Sunshine” on a cloudy day. And that is why I am making a goal for 2016 to take on more personal projects that make you feel something. To create gorgeous, well thought out compositions. To tell an untold story or capture an invisible moment of pureness that might otherwise slip away.

Here are the images that I look at and feel something. I hope they do for you too.

L1009291blog DSC_8310blog DSC_9268blog L1004759blog IMG_1622blog
L1003581blog L1002381blog L1003062


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