All Woman

There is really no end to learning in life. Sure, you can stack up degrees and accomplishments. Finishing one and another, again and again, you can add three letters to the beginning of your name or to the end (or both, you go ahead, MRS PHD). No matter what you do, life never stops. Lessons come at you in small packages or large wrecks. What we choose to learn from them can depends entirely at our outlook on life at the time. There are a million ways to take lessons and turn them into new ways to be bitter. There are also a million ways to take lessons and turn them into new positive growth. This post is about a very special woman that decided to take one of those crash crossroads and turn it into something that has encouraged and empowered others.

Suzanne did the opposite of what most people would do when facing serious health problems. Instead of becoming disappointed and resentful of the body she’s living life in, she has learned to love it in ways she never was able to before. In the words she most recently wrote on her blog, “As I navigate through the emotions of my breast cancer diagnosis, I am learning that sometimes the things I can’t change, change me.” She hasn’t been hoarding that self love for a rainy day either, she’s been sharing it and spreading it with the world. She truly does have a way with giving you a hug with her words. We all have those people that can immediately make us smile with a humorous brutally honest post on our newsfeed, Suzanne is that woman.  Suzanne is all woman. 


She doesn’t live locally, so it is always such a treat when she comes down to vacation in Sandbridge. She’s one of those souls that you may not have known for years, but when you meet it feels like it! When I found out she’d be in town, she mentioned something about headshots for her website Suzanne Hugs and I told her that I would love to have her graceful beauty in my portfolio. Then she asked if it would be okay to do a little something to celebrate her womanhood and newfound body image, of course I was all on board even though my home studio really doesn’t have the set up for it. She rocked it like no other. I normally don’t post these kinds of images on my page due to the younger audiences that have been following my work, but this is something important for girls/women of all ages…this is well worth the exception.



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