After the Rain Cleared

Let me introduce to you this fantastic senior in high school, Nick.


He has some way cool parents and the cutest little sister. Whom, I’m sure he will be so happy to pass his room off to…. (She already has plans to take it over, I asked.)



He just decided on the college he’ll be attending the day after this shoot, but I’ll let them reveal this exciting piece of information to the masses.


He looks pretty tough, but I’m sure he’s going to miss his family in a few months when he’s stuck in some college dorm. Who can blame him though…the Viado’s know how to have fun!


PS. I will be completely honest, I’ve only done one other senior session in my life…and that was a little over three years ago. For my bratty little brother. (Not so little anymore, but just as bratty 😉 ) When my Mom’s dear friend Racquel asked if I would be available to shoot her son’s senior portraits and fit in some family shots, I was over the moon excited about working with this wonderful family but slightly nervous as this wasn’t my normal field. I am so thankful for the Viado family for giving me the opportunity and for being such a pleasure to work with.


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