A Family and Their Beach

When a family who lives at the beach wants to shoot in their “backyard” in my eyes it’s not quite the same as the cliche matchy matchy beach portraits. Sandbridge beach is a major part of their identity, not just someplace they visit twice a summer as tourists. So when the Bartons asked me to shoot in their little slice of paradise, I gladly accepted, as who wouldn’t want this beautiful family in front of their lens?


In addition, I was able to get Banes’ four legged little brother in the photos and seriously nothing warms my heart more than a kid and their dog. L1001860blogL1002442blog


Especially when that kid is so near and dear to the people in my own family. These wonderful people are close friends of my Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin, who also live in Sandbridge. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to see glimpses of Bane at BBQs and watch his lively spirit and kind heart grow. It’s something he’s inherited from his parents. L1001894blogL1002011blogL1002300blogL1002336blogL1002291blog

Speaking of Amy & Pat, how incredible it is to have this authentic couple in front of my camera. You can’t fake a love like this.


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