My Story

Fancy meeting you here. I suppose you’re here to get the SparkNotes version of Aimee Boucher so I’ll try and keep it short and simple. (Kidding, I’m not good at short and simple.) Who am I, you ask? A quirky gal with a knack for being awkward and telling cheesy one liners but over the years I’ve been told it’s endearing. Which is a southerner’s way of telling you “you’re weird in an OK, not creepy way”.

I love food from every corner of the world. Eating it, cooking it, styling it, but mostly eating it. Well, maybe I love it too much, but I’ve been trying to ward off the negative effects on my waistline with my equal love of the great outdoors. Get me on a trail with a bucket of DEET, my family of three, beef jerky and our better behaved off-leash than on-leash dog and I am one happy lady. I obviously also have a problem with run on sentences, but the reality is…that is how I talk in real life. Except to make it more accurate press fast forward once.

Crowded places make me nervous. I think it’s because I soak in a lot of what others are feeling and sometimes that can be a little too much to handle. However, I believe it helps me to better understand mankind. To have some way of predicting and preparing to capture that magical moment before or as it’s happening. Something that happens almost subconsciously for me, as half the time after I take a great picture I don’t really remember the thought process behind it…and often if feels like an accident. A great photographer once told me one “Don’t ever tell anyone you shot something on accident, own it because something inside of you told you to press the shutter down at that very moment.”

So here I am owning it. I’ve poured a few thousand hours into learning my craft inside out, figuring out my style, my voice and most importantly what drives me to this calling in life. It’s people like you. Your story. Your love story. Your kid’s story. Your small business’ story.

I am a storyteller and the camera is my pen. Hear, hear?